What to Expect on Season 7 of NBC’s “The Voice” – Exclusive! (@NBCTheVoice #TheVoice)

The Voice - Season 7

The highly-anticipated singing competition show The Voice returns to NBC tomorrow and CelebSecrets4U has all the details on what to expect from the show’s seventh season.

This season, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams join the coaching panel with veterans Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. “I was so excited when I heard Gwen and Pharrell would be joining the panel,” said Adam. “You never know what the chemistry is going to be like when people come in. When these guys [Gwen and Pharrell] came in, it was almost kind of instantaneously we all just kind of congealed like, wow, this is working. Amazing.”

What made the new judges join the cast? Gwen Stefani wasn’t motivated after having her new baby boy, but one day while she was at home, she received a phone call asking if she wanted to join the team. “I was sitting at home and the phone rang. My parents were over. My lawyer was visiting me for the first time, and they were like, “Hey, would you want to do ‘The Voice’?” I was like what should I do, and then it was like — then it started. Like it was so quick and spontaneous, and I think that’s what’s been the best part about it and there was no — I didn’t know that I was going to be sitting inside of a black and red spaceship for the next like three months. Really cool.” Gwen explained.

Pharrell Williams instantly looked at it as an opportunity to reach more people. “I knew that we would have access to more people than just the contestants that we were working with who may have some of the same issues or some of the same questions or, you know, we may give some suggestions or advice that they didn’t even know that they may need, and so I just instantly looked at it as this enabling, great opportunity to reach more people.” he said.

Pharrell and Gwen have worked together in the past, and are super excited to reunite on The Voice. “Being around someone like Pharrell is like a gift,” Gwen gushed. “The guy has such a big heart. He gives away so much of himself. He’s perfect for the show, and he’s perfect for these kids because he’s very nurturing, and he’s very, very generous with himself, and I just like being around that energy. It’s been magic for me being here.” she added.

Veterans Blake Shelton and Adam Levine do whatever it takes to keep their contestants in the competition. How will Pharrell and Gwen keep up?  As far as a coaching style goes, Pharrell really doesn’t know what direction he will be taking. He wants to read into the moment, observing and learning as the competition goes on. As far as competitiveness goes, he said, “You don’t set out to be competitive, but if you’re going to fit in this puzzle you just naturally are for the sake of, you know the people that you’re working with.”

The question everyone wants to know the answer to — will anything be different this season? The answer is no. “Why fix something that is not broken?” producer Mark Burnett said.  “Things are going really well and watching the judges is an amazing experience and The Voice brings a fun element. It’s not just watching a singing competition, but inviting the audience onto the journey with them.” he added.

After spending time with Blake, Adam, Pharrell, and Gwen, we can tell that this season is definitely going to be worth watching. Season seven of The Voice is sure to bring lots of laughs, bickering and teasing from all four judges, great chemistry, pranks, and emotions. Alicia Keys, Little Big Town, Stevie Nicks, and Stefani’s husband Gavin Rossdale will be mentoring the contestants throughout the competition. Rumor has it that Taylor Swift will also be making a special appearance, too!

Make sure to catch the season seven premiere of The Voice tomorrow night at 8PM on NBC.


Written by Kennia Cardenas