“Whats The Yams!?” Watch Kendrick Lamar’s New Music Video Here! @KendrickLamar



King Kunta, Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar, Californian native and well known rapper recently came out with his latest album “To Pimp A Butterfly“. This album truly touched on an artist ability to create what he loves and still do well on the charts. For the song “King Kunta” he pulls from a 70’s feel of rap style of a funky beat. For the music video we follow this artist around in a car as he stops by a neighborhood and begins to show off all the people residing. It creates a dream like state in the video where Kendrick is shown many times moving in what appears to be a kings throne. Claiming the title of the best rap artist in the game he is out to prove he is keeping his place among the best. For each new shot they used different filters you can find on instagram, connecting the beats of past hip hop and the new wave of norm in society now together for the video.

Whats out favorite thing about this artist? Despite where many artist go for their music Kendrick always stays true to himself. We love that the video depicted the real street and hood he grew up from, it shows he keeps his past in touch with his present and we find it admirable he strives to connect with the youth he grew up around. For more check out his video below and comment on what you think about the video!

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRK7PVJFbS8″]