Where in the World is Walter? Drake needs Your Help to Find Him! #WheresWalter

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

As of late December, Walter (Jonathan Goldstein), Drake & Josh‘s father was reported missing! Drake Parker aka Drake Bell started this whole thing by using the hashtag #whereswalter, and for the past two weeks it has been taking the internet by storm. When Drake tweeted the news, fans went crazy! Could there be a Drake and Josh reunion coming soon?

With the help of his fellow costars, he was able to spread the word. Check down below for the videos.

Helen (Yvette Nicole Brown) who some of you may remember was the manager of the Premiere and hate Josh but loved Drake posted this video:

In the video, she states “When things go awry, I just always blame Josh!” Looks like Helen still hates Josh. LOL!

Drake even got the foam finger guy, who is now reportedly selling bobble heads to spread awareness.

Lenny Spodnick (Fred Stoller) was seen in the video surprisingly with his eye patch still on. Guess he never got that eye checked out. He famously shouts “Cops!!!” just as he did when Drake and Josh got into that fight over a foam finger at a Padres game.

Even Walter’s wife Audrey (Nancy Sullivan) stepped in to urge fans to find her husband.

In the video, she is seen with a new dog named Bruce, perhaps to help her during this hard time. Could she have named the dog after Bruce Winchell, the Channel 11 weather man who was also Walter’s competition.

Do you remember that orphan (Sammi Hanratty) that got Drake and Josh into that fight over the foam finger in the first place? Well, guess she didn’t have three weeks to live after all because she just posted this video!

Thankfully she survived and will help Drake find his father.

We’re still waiting to see videos from Megan (Miranda Cosgrove), Josh (Josh Peck), and Crazy Steve (Jerry Trainor). Some people are speculating this could be something that Megan is up to, after all she was always famous for her pranks. Others are blaming Bruce Winchell, saying he could be the one up to this.

We hope they find Walter! Who do YOU think is the one to blame for his disappearance?


Written by Veronica Toscano

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