Will Jay Dishes on His “Broke” Music Video – Exclusive

Plus, we challenged him to dish the spending habits that leave him the brokest.


Music videos aren’t exactly known for being relatable. The biggest ones out there typically involve millionaire celebrities dancing poolside with their pet tigers, or throwing stacks of cash out the window at strangers passing by. I’m not sure when the last time you did either of those was, but I certainly can’t relate to that specific kind of glam life. But not all music videos need to be flashy and extravagant to make an impact, and that’s the exact point Will Jay is making with his newest release.

The singer’s latest buzzworthy track is called “Broke,” and it’s an important reminder that wealth comes in other forms besides the bottom line on your bank account. It’s an anthem that celebrates all the wonderful things in life that are absolutely free. In keeping with the theme, Will Jay spent a total of $0 putting together his single’s accompanying music video, shooting phone vids and editing them with friends. Zero dollars? No money at all? Now that’s (finally!) something we can all relate to!

Be sure to catch our exclusive Q & A interview with Will Jay — and a fun little “Broke”-themed game! — below.

Celeb Secrets: What inspired you to create “Broke,” and how did the song come together?

Will Jay:  I was inspired by all of my friends around me who, like me, are balling on a budget. I wanted to write a song for myself as well as all of them that their money problems aren’t permanent and there’s so much more to life than what money can buy.

Celeb Secrets: What were the challenging parts of putting together a music video with absolutely no money, and how did the budget (or lack thereof) inspire you to get creative?

Will Jay: I didn’t really feel like I had to get creative for this video. My goal was to highlight a weekend full of friends, family, and good times. I suppose the only challenging thing was having to trick my friends into being a part of it. I have to give a massive shout out to Sam Creighton who helped me film and edit the video; wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.

Celeb Secrets: What have you found that your listeners are relating to the most about the song or music video?

Will Jay: Honestly, I think most people are relating to being broke. It’s a weird transitionary period, being out of school and trying to find not only a job but who you are as a person. Money is survival but truly living doesn’t have a price tag on it, and I think people resonate with that sentiment.

Celeb Secrets: What pressures do you think we’re all putting on ourselves in trying to keep up appearances?

Will Jay: We live in an age where we can’t help but compare ourselves to our peers thanks to social media and the increasing pressure on young people to have it all figured out and not make the same mistakes our parents made. I think we all have to let go of that and be open to taking the time to really find ourselves; only then can we truly mature and evolve.

Celeb Secrets: Would you more likely go broke on:

1. Buying food or clothes? Definitely buying food.
2. Buying tech gadgets or downloading apps? Apps.
3. Credit card bills or Student loans? Credit card bills (thanks, online college!)
4. Buying physical music or downloading songs? Honestly neither because of Apple Music, but I want to start buying physical copies again!
5. Traveling or lending friends money? Probably traveling! But I’d love to bring my friends with me one day.
6. Buying coffee or ordering take-out? Per question 1, definitely Take-out.
7. Paying for gas, or ordering Uber/Lyfts? Uber! I don’t drive.
8. Online shopping or subscribing to streaming services? Streaming services! Thank you, Netflix, Apple Music.
9. Thrifting or “harmless window shopping”? Thrifting. You find the best and most unique stuff at thrift stores.
10. Buying movie tickets or concert tickets? Concerts! Nothing like live music.

Be sure to check out Will Jay’s latest music video for “Broke” above, and leave us your reactions below!
Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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