X Games Aspen 2015: Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Elimination Recap! (@XGames)

2014-Winter-X-Games-Aspen-630x408On day 3 of Aspen Winter X Games, there was the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Elimination. Mark McMorris qualifies for first by scoring a 96.66 to advance to the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle finals.

Ståle Sandbech was right behind Mark placing second with a score of 95.00. Torstein Horgmo places third with 93.66. All of their scores are very close to each other if they keep this up it will be a close call of who will win Gold on Saturday.

Earlier in the week we predicted who we think is going to place in the finals. Check out our updated predictions:

1st Place-  Sage Kotsenburg – Always the snowboarder having the most fun on the mountain, Kotsenburg had a breakout contest season in 2014 with a Cinderella-style rise to the first Olympic gold of the Sochi Games. Kotsenburg capped off 2014 with an ESPY award win for Best Male Olympian. Today, Sage placed fifth he is going to have to step it up if he plans on winning.

2nd Place- Ståle Sandbech– Last year, Ståle won the bronze medal in Slopestyle, however because he won the silver in Sochi, we think he may ditch the bronze medal and move up to silver. Ståle also placed second today.

3rd place- Mark McMorris– Even though Mark has won silver in this category the past couple of years, Ståle had beat Mark in the Olympics and think Mark might be taking bronze this year. Mark placed first today, however, we think Sage will be hungry to win this gold.

Check out the clip below of Mark McMorris qualifying for first in Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle!