You Need to “Stop” What You’re Doing and Listen to The Shadowboxers’ New Song

The track is filled with groovy horns that will have you in an instant summer mood.

STOP what you’re doing and go listen to The Shadowboxers‘ new song “Stop!”

The 80’s dance groove track, released earlier this month, is a total summer bop and will immediately make you feel like you’re in a disco.

This is the latest tune for the band, who is hot off opening for Justin Timberlake on his Man of the Woods tour. This totally makes sense, as the song gives off so many JT vibes with its groovy horns that will have you in that summer mood instantly.

The Shadowboxers consist of Adam Hoffman (vocals and guitar), Matt Lipkins (vocals and keyboard), Scott Tyler (vocals and guitar), Cole McSween (drums), Carlos Enamorado (bass guitar) and Nick Rosen (keyboards).

Listen to “Stop” now:

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Written by Will Heffernan