Your First Look Inside Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix Band’s Debut EP “Sage and Stone”

Avi Kaplan is working on a new project and Celeb Secrets is giving you the first look on what you can expect from it.

Kaplan is a GRAMMY award-winning performer and is best-known for being the arranger of a capella group Pentatonix. His new project, called Avriel & The Sequoias, brings Kaplan back to his musical roots: passionate, emotional, inspired, and unapologetically vulnerable.

Avriel & The Sequoias’ debut EP Sage and Stone will be released on Friday, June 9th. With the pre-order available now, the record is inspired by and purposefully presents the full spectrum of Avi’s folk palate without ever abandoning his talent for lush, layered vocals, intricate arrangements and tasteful acoustic performances.

It’s evident in every note on Sage and Stone, that Avriel Benjamin Kaplan has a reverence and respect for folk music that goes well beyond his years. Songs like “Fields and Pier” and “Sage And Stone” recall the sounds of modern indie folk artists like Iron & Wine and Bon Iver, while tracks like “Song For the Seeker” and “Sweet Adeline” draw clear inspiration from legendary artists such as Simon & Garfunkel and John Denver.

“Folk music is everything to me; it’s where I come from; it’s home,” Kaplan explains. “It lifts me up. It inspires me. It intrigues me. And it heals me. I can only hope that the people who find it feel the same.”

Check out the teaser for Sage And Stone below…

Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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