Zach Braff Stops By Dax Shepard’s Podcast, “Armchair Expert”

The celebrity lookalikes have more in common than just their looks – and they spoke all about it on this new podcast episode.

Dax Shepard Zach Braff

Doppelgänger alert! Actors Dax Shepard and Zach Braff recently hung out together, proving once and for all that they are not actually the same person. Both stars teamed up for the latest episode of Dax’s podcast series, Armchair Expert. There, they explained that they are both constantly being recognized as one another.

Dax shared that fans really wanted to get Zach on his show, not only out of interest to hear about what he’s up to (like his new TV series, Alex Inc.!) but from “the desire to hear the two people who look most alike on Planet Earth sit down and talk to one another.”
Dax Shepard Zach Braff

“People on Twitter like to remind us about [the resemblance] every two minutes,” Dax joked. “America wanted this,” Zach added. “The photo we’re going to take together is going to blow people’s minds. As we are aging, we are merging into each other’s looks.”

Of course, the guys tackle more topics beyond how they are slowly morphing into the same person. In their time together, they joked about what they would do if they swapped lives with one another somehow, their love for Brad Pitt, and more special bonding moments you have to hear to appreciate.

Dax Shepard Podcast

Make sure to listen to Episode 11 of the “Armchair Expert” podcast with Dax Shepard and Zach Braff by following the link here and leave us your reactions below!

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