Zendaya Shuts Down Internet Troll and Offers Woman Modeling Job on Twitter

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Zendaya slays at a number of things, but when it comes to Twitter trolls she is the queen of comebacks.

The 20-year-old K.C. Undercover star isn’t afraid to speak her mind on social media and when it comes to standing up for others she never stands down.

When Zendaya saw an Internet troll body-shaming a beautiful girl online, she simultaneously shut down the body-shamer with a single, yet powerful tweet. Slay Queen.

But it didn’t end there, Zendaya being the iconic woman she is, sent her fans on a search to find the woman that had been body-shamed so she can make her biggest dream come true. Z offered the woman to be a model for her clothing line, Daya by Zendaya.


We all know Zendaya‘s dedicated fans wouldn’t let her down, they pulled through and found the woman, who was nothing but gracious.

Zendaya has always been one to speak about important issues and bring light to them, but now she’s changing lives – one tweet at a time!

Kennia Cardenas

Written by Kennia Cardenas